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For more general enquiries, try an encyclopaedia (US spelling: encyclopedia). Yes, you could search the net directly, but remember the last time you tried to find the one useful site out of forty thousand offered by the search engine. Articles in the major encyclopaedias, such as Britannica and Encarta (abridged online version - the full work is available only on subscription), often include well-researched links to other appropriate sites. There are many other encyclopaedias available on the net. Try these, and also the reference sections of the major portals such as Yahoo and AltaVista.
Atlapedia Online atlas and other geographical enquiries
Compton's Encyclopedia Online
Encyclopedia Smithsonian from the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC using the Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third edition
Freeality Online Encyclopedias searchable links to Computer Encyclopedias and Reference Tools
Internet Encyclopedia - MicroReference
"Top ten" online encyclopedias lists links to encyclopaedias
IBM World Book (30 days' free trial)